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frozen beef and pork

is written by Agroalim Distribution S.A ( (11. Mär 2010, 10:44 Uhr).

Agroalim Distribution S.A
Address: Calea Vitan nr.242, lot 3, corp C17, et. 2, sector
3, Bucuresti.
Contact Person: Oana Florescu
Description: It has bought CORELLI inlays plant. It has got
exclusive distribution rights for MIXALIM Romania,
FRUMUSANI Romania. It is distributing frozen chicken from
France, Brazil and Hungary, frozen beef and pork from EEUU,
France and Canada, frozen fries from Poland, Holland and
Belgium; frozen vegetables from Belgium, Germany and
Romania; frozen food from Germany FROSTA AG, Norway with
SEA BELL and Lithuania; frozen fish from Great Britain,
Denmark and Norway. It has 12 subsidiaries and its own
storehouses covering the entire Romanian territory.



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